For companies


What does NÅA Business Center offer companies and organizations?

NÅA Business Center can offer companies different kind of services, which students at both Åbo Akademi and Novia University of Applied Sciences will execute. Examples of successful projects include preparing final accounts (annual reports), marketing plans and event planning. The projects can be anything within business development, including internal control systems, financial planning/solutions and organizational structure planning.

Students at your disposal major in marketing, accounting, tourism, HRM, organizations and management, leadership, information systems and international business.



Need help with your marketing? Our students can help you with e.g. marketing plans, branding or digital marketing.


Our accounting students can help you with e.g. your company’s tax declarations, payroll or calculations regarding your profitability.


Within tourism, our students can help your company e.g. in projects related to planning and executing events or developing your business from a tourism point of view. 


Our students within HRM and Organizations and Management can help you with questions regarding the company’s managerial structure or work environment. This can be done e.g. by creating surveys or different kinds of organizational analyses.