About us

by | Dec 3, 2019

How was NÅA formed?


In winter 2017, a few business teachers from Åbo Akademi and Novia met in the former industrial space on Nunnankatu in Turku. Some teachers regularly collaborated with different companies and students on different projects, and they thought there should be more projects like this. Why? Because this kind of collaboration was fun and rewarding for both students and companies. 

The idea that was most profitable for both students and companies was to set up a business center for the collaboration between the two universities. We also needed a place to work. 

 Collaboration, resources and a shared vision for the future 


Collaboration sounds good and is good, but it can be difficult to create. We need resources, facilities, people who work, and a shared vision for the future. Firstly, looking for office space for NÅA, it is not easy to find affordable space. The salvation for this was found in the idea-rich staff of Åbo Akademi, whose idea was to transform a small auditorium into something else. After that, the old orange benches of the bench were moved out of the Gadolinian auditorium, the walls were painted white, ÅA and Novia red, and the floor was remodeled.

A function that combines digital and social 

Today, NÅA acts as a connecting factor for students, companies and business teachers at Åbo Akademi University and Novia. Students uses NÅA as a workspace and sometimes as a connecting factor for digital and social interaction.